Good Bye Summer 2011

Good bye Summer 2011! When it is 20 degrees and the North
Wind is making a chill factor seem like it’s 0 degrees (it’s coming, you know
it), I will post some summer pictures again ;o) LOL

1st Day of Summer 2011

Like I said on August 25 in “Fleeting Summer Fun”, it was a
hot summer.

Late August Heat!!

Will it be WARM again in the next few weeks? Maybe, but not 95-100
degrees like it was when I wrote the before mentioned article.

Overall, I really liked Summer 2011! I am scouring my mind, and think all my family and loved ones were well physically. My favorite part of the summer was Ammon and
Carter swimming without water wings! I was so proud and thankful.

No Water wings necessary!

It’s was on the cusp of spring and summer, but our cruise from the British Isles to Iceland
back to England was a wonderful start to the summer. We had plenty of lightning
bugs, June bugs, crickets, whippoorwills, owl sounds, cicadas, and
katydids. It was dry for the most part, but thanks to Tropical Storm Lee, we
ended the summer with lots of rain (and no electricity for almost 48 hrs! LOL) You
know, I love my nostalgia and memories of growing up, but Carter, Ammon, and I
made some of our own SPECTACULAR memories the Summer of 2011!

Precious Summer Memory

God, thank you for the seasons of the year and for each
special thing they bring, and help prepare our hearts and minds for Autumn

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