Happy Autumn/Moose time!

Happy Autumn! Our Talkeetna, Alaskan moose

This flag is my just about my favorite seasonal flag of all
time. In Haven’s ideals, the colors are extremely apropos for autumn. It’s true
that we don’t have moose in Southeast Tennessee, but the uniqueness of the
moose silhouette has an autumn-mystique to it. I bought the flag in Talkeetna,
Alaska in 2009 before our Alaskan cruise. It was a several hour drive from
Anchorage and in between Anchorage and Talkeetna there was Wasilla (home of Sarah Palin) as well as a cool reindeer farm in Palmer. The reindeer farm had twin moose (one
male and one female….their version of Carter and Ammon LOL) too. It was awesome. I also got to pet and feed a big ol’elk (I was a little intimidated when he “eye-balled” me)! Okay, I hope one day we are able to return to Alaska for Ammon and Carter to meet, observe, and maybe even pet some animals sucha as moose that are indigenous to that area. Until that time, they and I will enjoy our autumn- moose silhouette flag. Carter and Ammon will wonder what it is like to be actually see and experience the life of a real moose, and I will remember a joyous, memorable, and educational July in Alaska when they couldn’t even walk, and we pushed their strollers through a herd of reindeer. ;o)

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