Shopping with Carter & Ammon

Okay, Ammon and Carter still want to play “You can’t catch
me” around the clothes racks, touch mannequins, and grab and snatch things on
displays. While walking around Ammon usually runs ahead of me while Carter dawdles behind me. However,they both come when I call them and hold my hands when I ask them to. Buggies work the best especially if we are in a grocery store or Wal-Mart. Ammon likes
to sit in the “chair” and Carter sits in the buggy section no squabbles have
ever occurred.

I noticed a HUGE change in Ammon and Carter’s listening
habits (for the good) around Labor Day. Carter and Ammon had gotten their
pictures taken, and we needed to find new tote bags for the school year. It was
“raining cats and dogs” because of Tropical Storm Lee, and hardly anyone was in
the store where we had the pictures taken (one of those portrait studios where
they are located in a larger store). After the photo shoot we three took off
to look for tote bags. Ammon and Carter were actually fixed on the task and
stayed near me. We were looking for bags with Sponge Bob, Dora, Disney Princesses,
whatever. I couldn’t believe those were my two children actually shopping with
me. We didn’t find what we needed, but I found/discovered something more
valuable: Two children who can control themselves, listen to me, and not go “hog
wild” in a store where I’m worried about them getting lost. I am not taking
anything for granted, and I am keeping my Daddy H “hawk-eye” on my “babies”,
but please pray for our safety as Ammon and Carter grow up and learn to shop in
crowded, public places.

2 thoughts on “Shopping with Carter & Ammon

    • I hear ya, sister. My tail-busting came at the Eckerds by Grants Department Store (Dalton Plaza where Krogers and TJ Max is now for folks who don’t where we’re discussing) when I was 5 and seperated myself from Mama. I NEVER left my mother’s side again! Ellen, thank you so much for your comments. They are truly appreciated. Love, Haven

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