Gotta love a Friday! Yeeeeeeee haaaaaaaaa!

Oh, man! I wish the frost would hurry and get here so it
would kill my grass! LOL It’s the only chore outside I have left to do before
the trip, and I doubt very seriously that the 13 acres will be mowed. While we’re
gone, our house sitter helps clean house, feed the dogs, and do a few things
outside (cutting grass NOT INCLUDED!) ;o) Oh, me…but I digress

It’s been a busy but enjoyable week, and it’s Friday. Once again,
Carter and Ammon spent a day and a half with Mamaw and Aunt Karen. They
returned late Thursday afternoon. They like Fridays as well. Sean will finish
up at work today, and we will be “out and about” buying the last few things we
need for the trip.

I know it’s just our culture that causes us to work Monday
through Friday with most of us having the weekend off, but I wonder if the
other days ever get jealous of how people prefer Fridays? ;o) Happy Friday


2 thoughts on “Friday!

  1. I love my Fridays, especially on home football game days. I go to the concession stand at around 9 a.m., and we prep for the game. It’s a lot of fun with some great band parents to work alongside!

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