Potty Training

We had our first “ I need to go to the potty.” request from one our children last week. I know it will be the first of a “million” requests, but to parents who are suffering through potty training, it was a momentous occasion.

On Friday as we were leaving Mamaw’s house and headed to Chattanooga, Carter requested to go to the potty. We were on Highway 41 headed to Ringgold, GA, and I said, “I think the Town Hall has a rest room. We will try there. Can you hold it?” I looked in the rear-view mirror, and he shook his head yes.

In less than 5 minutes we were in the rest room at the Town Hall, and Carter did both a tee-tee, and a poo-poo! I was so thankful, and Carter and I both said a prayer with “Thank you Jesus!”

Folks, I know we are not “diaper-free” yet, and please keep us in your prayers during these potty training-trying times.

Have a Momentous Monday out there!


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