Turtle Farm: Grand Cayman Islands

Turtle friend, Ammon & Carter: Grand Cayman January 16, 2012

The Caylor-Browns just returned from a cruise to the Panama Canal. It included stops like Aruba, Cartagena, Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, and the Grand Cayman Islands. From talking with Carter and Ammon, it seems that their favorite part of the trip was their trip to the Turtle Farm on the Grand Cayman Islands. They talk about it just about every day.

So, parents/grandparents, if you all find yourselves wanting to take children on a cruise, a trip to the Grand Cayman Islands with a stop to the Turtle Farm is a recommendation from Ammon and Carter.

7 thoughts on “Turtle Farm: Grand Cayman Islands

  1. I would have loved the turtle farm, too! I know they loved every minute of another exciting trip. Glad to see these pictures and just keep them coming! Also, we are glad you all are home again! love, Doc and Emmie

  2. The picture of the kids with the turtle is great. I see they like turtles as much as I do thanks for sharing with me.

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