Carter: Our photographer & Ailments

We are coming out of 3 weeks of household ailments. Over 3 weeks ago, Carter had a viral infection that simply had to run its course. Last week, Ammon got an ear infection coupled with a horrible cough (not croup or whooping cough but horribly congested cough) that kept her/us up during 5 straight consecutive nights!  Praise the Lord (once again) for medicines: cough expectorants, suppressants, steroid cough medicines, antibiotics! Oh, well, so is the life of a 3 year-old. We’re just about all well now.

As I've mentioned before, we've started a 5th Generation of dog lovers!

While Ammon was catching up on some sleep Monday with a nap ( a VERY RARE occurrence these days but after nights without sleep), Carter and I were out on the patio. I had decided to grill Carter and Ammon’s hamburgers outside this afternoon, so I was flipping burgers while Carter played with his cars. Katie, Ferd, and Sissy (the coon hound family) had been out on the mountain, returned, and were milling around the house, and Sissy had been watching me clean the grill and begin flipping burgers. As I was finishing a round of flips, I noticed Carter coming from the garage with a 22 oz. cup of dog food. He then proceeded to moisten the kibble with the water spigot from near our back door. After preparing the food, he placed in front of Sissy’s nose!  She ate it.  I was surprised and proud that Carter could help feed the dogs. I took some pictures then decided to let Carter take some pictures as well. Once again, he is a great, 3 year old photographer.

Taken by Carter Caylor-Brown: 3-26-2012
"Sissy eating dogfood"

Have a Blessed Tuesday Everyone.

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