On March 18, 2011 I had no idea I could make it to 10,000 views. Thanks to you all we did it. During the past year, I’ve received many comments: The overwhelming majority have been 100% positive with much encouragement. However, there have been a few negatives. Someone near and dear to me said several times, “I don’t understand who would want to read your blog.”, or “How did you get 50 views today?” . I’ve always enjoyed criticism because it makes either me or what I am working on better. It’s nice to say that this particular person does compliment me more now and encourages me to follow my “writing dreams” . LOL

In conjunction with my blog writing, I was receiving some wonderful feedback from Parents magazine (2 million subscribers) regarding an article where Carter and Ammon engage in learning activities as we travel. God has not blessed me with a published article with Parents , and the two assistant editors I was corresponding with BOTH left the magazine for new opportunities in their careers. I am planning one more round of “help” from a Parents editor then I am moving on. After reading through the magazine several times, I’m not sure if this is the conduit by which God wants share my work with millions of people. As I have asked a handful of you all, now I am asking all of you to please pray that the Holy Spirit guide me where I need to be in writing articles.

The novel I mentioned to you all back in June of 2011 is still “brewing”. The way I see it I need a fan base to help me sell the book, and as I just mentioned, I don’t have enough exposure to help me sell it. The publishing and advertising fees cost a lot of money, and I don’t think I could recoup my investment money nor make a profit without a fan base.

However, I love writing about my life with Ammon and Carter, and I will continue to do so in this blog. Carter and Ammon are such blessings, and I am honored that you all want to read and share such blessings with me. Take care and God’s blessings on you. Haven

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