Ammon & Carter: Earth Day 2012

Carter and Ammon’s 3 year old class from preschool along with the school’s four year olds sang at church yesterday in honor of Earth Day. The song, “God saw that it was Good” was the perfect title to magnify the creator of this wonderful terrestrial ball.
Helping Carter and Ammon learn to memorize the song was something new for us. We are so blessed to have two children with such good minds and bodies.

Two sweet things that happened:

Carter, who doesn’t like change, had a hard time lining up and going down to the stage to sing. As a matter of fact the director (Kathy Lookabill) of the preschool and fellow church member with us, sent an usher down to get me in the congregation so I could come back to the group and give support to Carter. Kathy said to me, “Why don’t you just walk beside him and walk in with us?” I agreed, and Carter got better.

As you can see from the video, I had trouble remembering how to focus and zoom in. I thought it was automatic, but it was manual (LOL). Okay, I mentioned that I was able to walk in (it was an honor) with Carter and Ammon. The children sang, I zoomed, I focused, and I sang with the children. Several hours later when I finally finished the video, I saw something I had not seen because of all the “camera crap”. When I finally focused in, Carter and Ammon were holding hands. I didn’t cry, but it made me a little “misty”. I was very proud of both of them.

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