Head Shaving for Pediatric Cancer

Chattanoggins: June 10, 2012

If any of my family ever has cancer (Mamaw is a 13 year survivor of Breast Cancer), goes through chemotherapy, and loses hair, I want Carter and Ammon to look back and see that it’s okay to be bald and “different” especially when you are battling a disease.

Carter hasn’t been too happy with my hair cut and has told me so several times, but Ammon has been supportive with hugs and kisses and rubbing my head “for luck”. It was also a cool thing to give a donation to the Children’s Hospital of Chattanooga.

Hoping and praying that all is well in your worlds this Monday, and I am sending up prayers for those who are battling cancer or know someone who is battling cancer. Haven and the Crew

7 thoughts on “Head Shaving for Pediatric Cancer

  1. I forgot to say how much this means to me, as I have a sister who is currently undergoing radiation and has finished chemo for endometrial cancer. Thank the Lord, she is doing well!

  2. Did Sean also do this? I think you look marvelously handsome, but more importantly, you gave such an important gift of love. I am proud of you and I know that Ammon and Carter will look back and see how special this was and feel great pride, as well. Loved the pictures of “summer fun” you sent. Summer goes by quickly so enjoy every day – even if it a rainy one! love you, Emmie

  3. So proud to know a man who knows that actions speak louder than words! Personally, I’ve always had a “thing” for bald men!!

    • Thanks, Debbie. Carter still doesn’t like the look (he’s afrad he will get one too), but intuitive Ammon has been very sweet and sympathetic to the boy who has cancer.

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