I found Daddy! LOL

dual-memorial-day-2012-4Daddy's Birthday

MaryLou Caylor, Oliver Haven Caylor, & William Haven Caylor (Daddy H)
March 1982

We were in this 30 year old picture that was in a 30 year old wallet of mine! Woo hoo! Well, there he is. He was 42 years old in this picture. He was quite heavy, and 6 feet 4 inches tall (I know God played a “short joke” on me). We were so blessed to have this picture. We had never before had a family picture.God is great!
This was taken about 10 weeks before he died on May 28, 1982.

The links at the VERY TOP of the blog are more about Daddy.

The majority of you all never met my father, but I wanted you all to see him. He was AWESOME! Happy Tuesday, everyone.

5 thoughts on “I found Daddy! LOL

  1. Haven, I too have recently found some pictures of my Dad who died in 2004. I started working on Ancestry.com because I know very little about my Dad’s side of the family. I asked all my cousins for any information they might have and we made a group on FB. My cousins started recalling their memories and posting pictures! There were some pictures of my Dad as a child and I realized I had never seen him before his Army days! There were also pictures of my Great Grandparents and Great Great Grandparents. I saved all the pictures and had them printed and made a photo album for my Grandchildren to have!!

  2. I was so sad when Mamaw took this one down off the wall. I have no real pictures of him. I don’t think I got a single thing from him genetically…unless he had pointy ears. 10 weeks….so close. You know my dad told me that Papa had pulled him aside and said he thought something was off and had a talk to him about taking care of my mom if something happened. You know in school how people have you write an essay on “If you could pick anyone in the world to have met from any time period”….I usually picked him.

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