Bavaria, Germany/Don’t Eat at Woerner’s Cafe in Munich

Ammon, Carter, & Nana at Neuschwanstein: June 19, 2012

Ammon & Carter at the Munich Glockenspiel: June 20, 2012

Munich, Neuschwanstein, and the horrific Woerner’s Café.

Welcome to Beautiful Bavaria, readers! The Caylor-Brown European Vacation of 2012 began with Bavaria, Germany. It was my 3rd time (1984, 2006, and 2012) to Bavaria but Carter and Ammon’s 1st.

Unlike the snow covered, charming, laid-back feeling from February of 2006, we found a busy, bustling, rainy, and humid Munich this time. The sites were beautiful as always, but the people seemed edgy and not as friendly this time.

None the less, Ammon and Carter had a great time. The Comfort Inn where we stayed was decent and with a good breakfast. Downtown was pleasant to walk through. We had a traditional German dinner at the aesthetically pleasing (excellent provincial interior decorating) Ratskeller Restaurant, and we enjoyed strolling through the Munich streets.

For a month we had been building Ammon and Carter’s schema for Neuschwanstein castle, and we told Ammon that it looked like Cinderella’s Castle. They really enjoyed the exterior of the castle but not too much of the inside. However, their favorite interior section was King Ludwig II’s Faux Grotto.

I rarely write a NEGATIVE comment in our blogs, but if you are in Munich on Marienplatz in the same square as the Ratskeller and the glockenspiel, we recommend that you do not eat or drink at the Woerner’s café. Allow me to explain why….
Sean and I needed about 15 minutes to buy a few souvenirs, so we bought Ammon, Carter, and Nana an $8 cup of strawberry ice cream from Woerner’s Café, and sat them under a Woerner umbrella in the square. It was 2:00 in the afternoon, and the lunch crowd was thinning out. Sean and I left to buy souvenirs, and we returned 30 minutes later.

As we approched, we could see that the outside tables were practically empty, and Nana was flustered. A Woerner waiter had asked Nana (seated with the Woerner ice cream cup in plain sight) to leave, and when Nana did not leave, the waiter brought the manager out. The male, bully manager publically humiliated our 73 year old Nana with two 3 year olds, and told her to leave. She did not. I went to the manager and said, “You should be ashamed making a grandmother and two children leave your café while they are eating your ice cream.”, and I turned away. He said, “The ice cream is a carry out, and I’m not ashamed!” As we left, the nark waiter, said in a loud voice, “Go home!”. We exited with pleasure.

5 thoughts on “Bavaria, Germany/Don’t Eat at Woerner’s Cafe in Munich

  1. Oh, I just am so sorry that happened. We never expect rudeness , but when it it thrown at us in the face, with the children involved…no, no, no…. it is the worst experience, because, we try so very hard to make sure we remember our manners as well as reminding our children.. of the importance of this……what a life lesson for these little ones this must have been. However, turn it into a postitive, as I can bet you already have, and let the children see the “bad behavior” of an adult and how this should never happen with adults or children. God bless Nana, I think she handled it the best she could. can just imagine being in her poor position. Well, I hope the rest of the trip was wonderful – glad you are home safe and sound! Doc and I are doing fine. He is tremor free about 85% of the time, sleeping better, etc and that is all implant and taking no meds.. His balance is a challenge now, more than before, so we are going to address that next week. All in all, we are in a good place right now. love all around, Emmie

  2. We had a very similar experience at this racist cafe. My wife was about to give my son some water which we had purchased from outside in sweltering temperatures. The crazy waiter rushed to stop us. Then, when I asked the waiter for the menu (in English), she shouted back, “Here we speak with respect!!”. That’s when I lost it and tore a strip off of her. The whole place fell silent as I shouted one profanity after another. Am I proud of it?….Perhaps.

    • Josh, thank you SO MUCH for your input. As we left that day we were also called “rude Americans”. I was so offended.My family and I have traveled around the world for 30 years.We are so respectful of other cultures, but we have been literally pushed, shoved, ignored, grumped at, by indigenous peoples of Europe. The ironic thing is that they are the RUDE ONES. We have also had some good experiences in Munich, but the employees of Woerner’s is not an asset to the city. Thanks again, and God bless you and your family. Safe and Enjoyable travels to you!!

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