Berlin, Germany

Carter & Ammon at the Brandenburg Gate

Berlin Wall

The Infamous, Check-Point Charlie, Berlin

If there is one thing I can say about Berlin, Germany, it’s that I need to get to know it better. Our two days there was nice, but I did not see and experience enough of the city. I really enjoyed our location at the Novotel Hotel. It was right beside a train station that went to major, Berlin locations, and it was ½ block from one of the stops of the Berlin Hop-On/Hop-Off Sight Seeing Bus Tours.

We did not get to experience a lot of the history, but the people seemed friendly enough, and getting around was very easy. One thing that we really appreciated was the airline Air Berlin. If you ever need a European Airline either in or out of Germany, this airline is relatively inexpensive, gives good, respectful service, and it serves both beverages and food!! We used Air Berlin from Berlin to Copenhagen.

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