“I don’t want to Blink”
Traveling without complaints (well, maybe wanting to be carried or placed in a stroller), random butterfly kisses from Ammon, random “Give me a hug!” from Carter, “Let’s play Freeze Tag!” yells, toys strewn across the living room, the toddler clothes spread on the laundry table ready to be folded, the toddler Sunday school shoes placed on the shelf calmly waiting for the next Sunday: I love it, and I don’t want to blink. My blinks have already seen over 3 ½ years pass, and it keeps on racing.

I am so blessed to have Carter and Ammon. I have a request from you faithful readers (you know who you are) that God grants me more patience and better ways to spend quality time with my children in my daily life. I get so caught up with the chores around us that I feel as though I neglect valuable time with them, and “ I don’t want to blink. These are the best years of our lives.” …for me, literally.

5 thoughts on “Blink

  1. The song “Don’t Blink” by Kenny Chesney popped in my head as I read this, so I had to stop my day and listen to it. You can’t stop blinking – just don’t do it anymore than you have too.

  2. We were truly honored to be “adopted grandparents” during the few days of our cruise together. The children are precious and reminded us so much of our own grandkids. Tell Carter and Ammon to save a few of those enthusiastic and warm hugs for us.

    Frank and Annette Margo

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