Sweden’s colors are yellow and blue, but Sean and I were sporting our USA Independence Day Red, White, and Blues in Stockholm on July 4

Ammon and Carter the “Swedish Vikings” Sean & Haven outside the Royal Palace

Royal Guard Parade outside the palace

Narrow, medieval alleys in Stockholm

Stockholm: Old Town/Market Square

During July 2012 Sweden and the other Baltic countries were experiencing a heat wave. The temperatures were in the 90s, and only a fraction of the hotels, restaurants, or shops had air conditioning.

This year we were in Stockholm on July 4, 2012, and the temperatures were normal. It was also a breezy, sunny day, and it was gorgeous. In 2010, we had stayed in Stockholm about 5 days, and we got to know the city quite well, however, we did not have a tour guide help us with the city. On our 1 day 2012 tour, we decided to take a 3 hour walking tour of the medieval part of Stockholm. The area was very familiar, but our guide was informative and taught us things we did not know of its history. We also had a tour of the royal palace.

One of the best things about cruising is the new friends that we meet. Cedell Johnson is our new friend who we met and chatted with all morning in Stockholm. She is the one who took our family, Viking pictures. We love you, Cedell, and we are looking forward to years and years of friendship.

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