Carter & Ammon: back to Coonhound basics

I really want Ammon & Carter to enjoy the night woods with me. It will be hard for me to go alone w/o them, but I will not be gone for long either with them or w/o them. I’ve gotten out of the night tracking since Carter and Ammon came almost 4 years ago, and I’m looking forward to being in the woods for myself and for my hounds. Here are the hounds on Friday morning (10-19-2012). It was cool, crisp, and just “hankering” for a frost ( I could tell, but it was only 42 degrees here).

A continued, Happy Autumn everyone (Bless your hearts…Aussies and Kiwis, A continued Happy Spring to you! LOL)

Mama Katie

Sissy is okay…LOL…….she was bending down to roll.


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