Happy Birthday, Carter!

How time flies, and what a blessing Carter has been. Just Tuesday morning (10-30-2012), Carter woke up called from his and Ammon’s dark bedroom, “Daddy?!” Often times if Carter doesn’t wake up feeling too rested and “cranky” he yells for me, so with a bit of concern in my voice I answered back to him from the kitchen, “Yes, son?” He then called back, “I love you!” ….yet another heart-melting moment from my son.

Our 4 year old Boy!

God, Thank you for Carter, and, Carter, may your 4th year be a blessed one.

16 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Carter!

  1. Doodness me, what are your plans for today? Yal give me a call ( if you want) when you get a chance, Happy Birthday, to my very special nephew, Aunt Karen Love him beary beary much!

  2. Happy Birthday and Happy Halloween, too, Carter. You are surrounded by love and God’s blessings. Have a fun time celebrating and we send birthday prayers your way. What a handsome young man you are. love, Doc and Emmie

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