Happy Birthday, Ammon

How time flies, and what a blessing Ammon has been. Heart melting moment(s). Ammon has a new, wonderful habit of saying, “I love you.” at different times and places.

Once again the kitchen is the setting (all you parental care-givers understand how much TIME  is spent in the kitchen): Haven cleaning surfaces when Ammon bounces into the kitchen from the living room. The sink is open to the rest of the kitchen-eating area with no back drop, so Ammon and Carter can peer above the counter and see me working at the stove or wherever.

“Daddy?! (an interrogative exclamation), “Yes, Ammon?” . “Daddy, I just wanted to say…, ‘I love you.’  “Thank you, sweetheart. I love you too.” : just like her brother, she melted my heart. Happy Birthday, Ammon. We love you.

Happy 4th Birthday, Ammon! 11-6-2012

11 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Ammon

  1. Happy Birthday Miss Stinker, Aunt Karen loves you very very much, and yes, they both can melt your heart, with a look, a word, or a smile, God blessed us all when they came a part of this family!
    Give me a call when you have time, hope there are no doggie problems on this birthday

  2. sweetest little punkin EVER!!! please give her big birthday hugs from us. it’s all big stuff from here! she’s not a little girl anymore ❤

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