Mamaw’s Birthday

Ammon, Carter, & Mamaw Nov. 22, 2012

Spectacular loving, caring, giving, & entertaining mother. Devoted daughter, wonderful and faithful wife, GRAND- grandmother and GREAT –great grandmother who is spectacular, loving, caring, and entertaining to children. Breast cancer survivor. Great housekeeper, excellent cook, diligent and wonderful yard-worker. Those things above describe my mother, MaryLou Wimpy Caylor, and today is her birthday. It worked out nicely that Carter and Ammon will get to spend her birthday with her. As a matter of fact, it was Mamaw’s (you readers know that is my mother’s familial-endearing name) choice. Mama, I hope your 72nd year coming up is the BEST year you’ve ever had, and that God blesses you continually the way you bless all who know you.

2 thoughts on “Mamaw’s Birthday

  1. And God said, hmmmmm, I think this girl and boy will get the best Mom in all the world, and later the best grand/great grandmother ever, and I will save a place for her here, with the Angels and the Saints, because there is no one in the whole world who loves and cares for her family like she does,

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