Awesome Week (49th Birthday, Mother’s Day, & Thank you, Beth Rogers)

My last year in my 40s. Wow! I’ll never forget my father purchasing a calculator (like nearly $25 for a simple, bare-bones, with the highest function of multiplication…LOL) and placing a year then subtracting 1966 to see how old I would be. 2015-1966= 49 😉


49th Birthday

Okay, my birthday (LIVING) was MAGNIFIED a bit with seeing “fragile life” with my emergency appendectomy on Sunday April 27. The inflamed appendix was caught early, but it could have burst, and I could have been gravely ill. Thanks to good health and God, my recovery went well.


I was riding rides at Dollywood 6 days later.

My Birthday was totally awesome. We went to see “The Avengers: The Age of Ultron” then went to eat at Provino’s Italian Restaurant: Eggplant Parmesan!

Birthday Movie: May 7, 2015

Birthday Movie: May 7, 2015

Several weeks ago, my friend, Beth Sexton Rogers, from our Lipscomb University days sent me a picture and video with a suggestion to make Sun Catchers for Mamaw & Nana. Beth is one of those friends who everybody needs. She sought me out on Facebook over 3 years ago. She is an awesome friend and Sister in Christ. Well, Carter, Ammon, Sean, and I rounded up all the necessary articles, and made sun catchers for Mother’s Day gifts.

Sun Catchers

Mother's Day Sun Catchers for Mamaw & Nana

I grilled hamburgers and hot dogs, and we had Mamaw and Nana over for Mother’s Day lunch. My only regret is that we didn’t take any photos.

Mamaw’s Birthday

Ammon, Carter, & Mamaw Nov. 22, 2012

Spectacular loving, caring, giving, & entertaining mother. Devoted daughter, wonderful and faithful wife, GRAND- grandmother and GREAT –great grandmother who is spectacular, loving, caring, and entertaining to children. Breast cancer survivor. Great housekeeper, excellent cook, diligent and wonderful yard-worker. Those things above describe my mother, MaryLou Wimpy Caylor, and today is her birthday. It worked out nicely that Carter and Ammon will get to spend her birthday with her. As a matter of fact, it was Mamaw’s (you readers know that is my mother’s familial-endearing name) choice. Mama, I hope your 72nd year coming up is the BEST year you’ve ever had, and that God blesses you continually the way you bless all who know you.