Crazy Delta Airlines & an Unexpected Blessing

Crazy Delta

Crazy Delta

My airline of choice for 20 years has been Delta. One of the biggest reasons has been the accumulation of sky miles where we can cash in on the occasional “free” trip,  or the  occasional upgrade to 1st Class but MANY times, they screw up our itinerary. For example, Delta separated Ammon and Carter from us adults on our return trip from New York City, La Guardia Airport!! Carter and Ammon are Silver Medallion Customers who have flown waaaay over 25,000 sky miles with Delta this past year, and Delta KNOWS they are only 4 years old, so why in the heck would they move them away from their parents!! Okay, yes, we’re writing some letters VERY SOON.  LOL…. However, …unbeknownst to Delta, they gave me a blessing on Saturday.

We arranged our seats to where Sean was between Ammon and Carter, and I was one row back and diagonal from them. They did great of course with Sean, and I had the opportunity to sit by a young lady named Eileen. She was AWESOME: wonderfully friendly, engaging, intelligent, and a TWIN (YES, she got the Ammon and Carter story and knows they aren’t TWINS, but still….she was very interested in their story). Eileen’s twin is boy, and his name is Gareth. They have just entered their 30s, and they live in New York. When she told me that she and her brother were different yet have kept a close, familial bond, the Holy Spirit gave me a hope that Carter and Ammon would be close as they age. Eileen has a Ph. D. in biotechnology, and Gareth is a professional musician! Isn’t that contrast AWESOME!  The coolest part is that they both live in New York City, and they live about 30 minutes apart. Eileen is newly married, but Gareth is still single; however, they get together at least once a week for dinner and fellowship. In my elation in the hopes that Carter and Ammon could be that way in 26 years (oh, my goodness!!  LOL),  I began to cry. It was a special moment for me.

Lifelong Friends? Lord Willing, yes!

Lifelong Friends? Lord Willing, yes!

Please friends and family, pray that Ammon and Carter will always be close. It would do my soul well. I hope everyone has a great Sunday.

4 thoughts on “Crazy Delta Airlines & an Unexpected Blessing

  1. Such a wonderful blessing to hear the young lady’s story! I don’t have a twin, but I do have three sisters and one brother. We are 50, 55, 61, 63, and 65. I am the youngest and my brother is the oldest. My brother and sister who is 55 live 10 minutes from each other in the same small city in Maryland. They and their families are close. One sister lives in Florida. The sister who is 61 (coincidentally the same age as my husband) lives on Lookout Mountain. I get to see her every week when she brings one of her granddaughters to Kindermusik! We are very close to each other anyway, but this is an additional blessing. Long winded way to say that siblings can certainly remain close and be very good friends as they grow into adults.

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