New Friends: Marilyn, Auris, & Jennie

The Blessings of Friendship

The Blessings of Friendship

One thing I have really enjoyed while traveling these past 8 years has been making new friends. Well, really more than just new friends but being BLESSED with new friends. This trip God blessed me with 3 ladies all who were so special in their own ways.

Ammon and I sat by Marilyn Yelle going from Atlanta to Newark. I enjoyed chatting with her, and she was so interested in Ammon and Carter. She does business for interior designs with such hotels as Westin and Dream. I am looking forward to corresponding more with Marilyn. She and I were in sync with the value and importance of education. She has two children, a boy and girl, and I am praying that they will have successful ventures finishing up high school. I also hope and pray that Marilyn has a blessed career and helps guide her children with fulfilling lives.

Auris is a young Hispanic Woman who works at the Café Cranberry. I always seem to find a friend there. While I am making my coffees there in the early morning hours, I chat quite a bit, and this is the 2nd time I’ve found a Hispanic friend to converse with in Spanish. Auris is about to receive her General Education Development degree, and I am so proud of her. She has such tenacity and will to fulfill that goal, and I know she will do it. Auris helped me with the message of “Don’t give up.” It is a such a comfort to know that if you symbolically end up in a closed room, open a door or window. The cool thing is if you’re “in sync” with God and the Holy Spirit, they will open the door/window for you.  She encouraged me to write and fulfill my goals in life. Thank you Auris!

Jennie Diaz is a young, Hispanic ( Dominican Republic!) who is a receptionist at the Double Tree where we stayed this time. Through the Holy Spirit, Jennie and I connected our spirits, and it was such a fellowship of thoughts, feelings, and spirituality. I enjoyed sharing about Christmas, Christmas music, family, life, and love.  Jennie’s message was the message of faith….that hope in God of things unseen. When she and I talked about Carter and Ammon, I could genuinely feel her true concern and interest. After she and I had chatted for several mornings, I knew I had to buy her some flowers. On Thursday after my morning jog, I bought her a bouquet of fresh flowers and gave them to her. She was elated, and that made me happy as well. Jennie, you made my stay at the Double Tree extra special. Thank you.

Marilyn, Auris, and Jennie, thank you for your wonderful selves. God, thank you for these wonderful ladies, and bless them and keep them in Your care. Merry Christmas, and God bless you.

4 thoughts on “New Friends: Marilyn, Auris, & Jennie

  1. What a beautiful words. Thank you so much Haven that makes me to read more and more … I really love you writing I think is amazing….

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