2014 Summer Swims

Carter & his Cannoball

Carter & his Cannoball

Ammon & her Cannonball

Ammon & her Cannonball

At the end of Summer 2013, I asked Carter and Ammon if they wanted to join a local swim team that has an awesome facility for year-round swimming (Olympic size pool with a retractable roof). They said they would consider it, and I asked the coach for a trial. Carter and Ammon did wonderfully considering they were 4 years old. However, they were the youngest, needed extra coaching, were always behind the group (they were practicing the WHOLE length of the pool….tired little fellers they were!), and by the time they were finishing, the group was starting their next thing to practice. Sean and I both walked up and down the pool giving instructions from what we had heard from the coach. Our last trial day the coach didn’t even get in the pool for half the instruction time. We decided that we wouldn’t continue with the team….maybe later.

This summer’s swimming at our house has been awesome! We’ve practiced several strokes, but not much. It’s purely fun and adventure. We have been so blessed to have a pool, been able to provide swimming lessons for Ammon and Carter, and been able to give them some of our own tips for jumping off the diving board, swimming, and diving to the bottom for pool toys.

2 thoughts on “2014 Summer Swims

  1. As a competitive swimmer, I can tell you that four was most likely too young to start swim team. Six is a good age for that, so maybe try again next summer. Build stroke skills and have fun this summer. If you are interested in a good program for teaching strokes, try the programs at GPS or McCallie.

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