Letter A Unit Plan

Aa- Unit Plan

A= Autumn


Cool, Simplistic Wheel of Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences

Multiple Intelligence Wheel

Multiple Intelligence Wheel

(Thanks Connections Academy)



I had no idea that when I took a doctoral class of Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences
in 1999 that I would one day be using it to educate my own children. On my way to my doctorate, I completed my Education Specialist Degree that is in Curriculum Design. During their Homeschool Preschool year, I created my own curriculum for Carter and Ammon that I still rely on from time to time even though they have a separate Kindergarten curriculum. I am using Tennessee state standards so be sure that if you are trying to follow standards, consult your own state’s Department of Education website.

The standards I have chosen for Preschool align with Tennessee’s Kindergarten Standards, and I have chosen the core classes of Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, and Language Arts (Reading, Writing, Poetry, etc.). Several letter “A” words from each core is then made focal points to study during the Unit Plan.

The plan for the Multiple Intelligences is the same whereby letter “A” words are woven through the intelligences and focused on during the unit.

Whether for your own homeschooling, student remediation, or student enrichment, please feel free to use my plans for your children or classroom.

Autumn Activities: http://www.123child.com/lessonplans/seasonal/fall/fall.php

Mathematics: TN KCC A.3, KCC B.5, KCC B.4b, KOA A.1, A.2, A.3, A.4, & A.5 KMD A.1 & A.2

Measuring ingredients for Home Made APPLE Pies

Carter creates his Apple Pies

Carter creates his Apple Pies

Ammon creates her Apple PIes

Ammon creates her Apple PIes

Social Studies: TN Seasons K3.02 (c) (Autumn), K 1.01-Physical Attributes, K4.01 (d) Authority, 4.04 (b) Allegiance

Science: TN K Take APART 7.1.3, Biology w/animals 7.3.1 (water, food, & air), Weather- 7.8.1, 7.8.2

-Weather Data -Heat Chart

Language Arts: TN RFK 2.d, RFK 3.b, SLK 1.a, SLK 1.b, SLK 6, LK 1.a, LK 1.f, RLK1, RLK2, RLK3, RLK4, RLK5, RLK9

The Adventures of Abby Alligator By Maria Fleming

Multiple Intelligences

Verbal/Linguistic- reading, writing, Capitals & punctuation, short “a” & long “a”, articulate, analogize,

Logical Mathematical- math (numbers 1-20), addition, analyze, abstract, analogize,

Apple Pies- Recipe (measuring ingredients)

Body Kinesthetic- Acrobatics, activate, assemble,

Spatial- Air art (straws), align,

Apple Jack Necklace (Kellogg's Cereal loved the Tweet)

Apple Jack Necklace (Kellogg’s Cereal loved the Tweet)


Music/Rhythm- accordion

Interpersonal- Relating to Daddy S, Daddy H, & Mamaw, & Nana, associate,

Intrapersonal –Asking how they are experiencing their day with a video journal from iPad, analyze, assess,

Nature- Adopt a tree

Adopt a Tree: October 10, 2013. Our Maple Tree is still quite green and Carter & Ammon can still wear shorts

Adopt a Tree: October 10, 2013. Our Maple Tree is still quite green and Carter & Ammon can still wear shorts

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