Red-Tailed Hawk Unit Plan

Multiple Intelligences Unit Plan 

There are 8: Naturalistic, Bodily-Kinesthetic, Intrapersonal, Verbal-Linguistic, Interpersonal, Logical-Mathematical, Spatial, & Musical


(1) Naturalistic- Being outside and watching flight patterns of Hawk. Flying straight looking for food or circling for “entertainment” (anthropomorphic) ….. which leads us to ….


(2) Bodily-Kinesthetic Carter, Ammon, and I try to jog every evening. We turned our our jog into a  fun experience with Toy Red-tailed hawks and some hawk-circling moments. It was awesome


(3) Intrapersonal coupled with  (4) Verbal-Linguistic)

  • Write a paragraph with an opening statement, 3 supporting declarative statements, and a closing sentence telling how Carter and Ammon feel about red-tailed hawks.


This also took several days as a part of our writing lesson plans. I was so proud of Carter and Ammon’s first, complete, 5 sentence paragraph.


Carter writes his first complete paragraph in 5 sentences.

Carter writes his first complete paragraph in 5 sentences.


Ammon completes her first paragraph with 5 sentences.

Ammon completes her first paragraph with 5 sentences.


(5) Interpersonal- Two quick interpersonal interactions with acquaintances based on our book , Christmas Hawk.


"Christmas Hawk"

Ammon’s Interpersonal Conversation

Ammon’s Dermatologist: “How cool is it that you all helped write a book?”

Ammon: Yes, she calls to us when we call to her. She eats field mice.

Ammon’s Dermatologist: Good luck with your book signing.

Ammon: Thank you


Carter’s Interpersonal Conversation

Carter and our family Friend, Joann

Joann: This hawk lives near your house?

Carter: Yes, she circles above our house, and we wrote a book about her.

Joann: What is the name of the book?

Carter: “Christmas Hawk”….(Carter hands Joann a copy of the book).

Joann: That is beautiful! Congratulations!

Carter: Thank you.


(6) Logical-Mathematical-  (A)Cypher and work 4 word problems based on a reading “Cool Facts” from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology: About red-tailed hawks.

After reading, I created these mathematical word problems.


  1. A red-tailed hawk can make 1 nest in 7 days. How many days would it take a red-tailed hawk to build 3 nests? (21)


  1. If 4 male red-tailed hawks each weighs 2 pounds, how much do they weigh altogether? (8)


  1. If a female red-tailed hawk can lay 3 eggs a year, how many eggs would she lay in 5 years? (15)


  1. If we have 20 red-tailed hawks and there are equal numbers of males and females, how many male/female pairs would be made? (10)


I am not wasting your time with pics of Ammon & Carter’s answers, but they both made 100s.


(B) Make a fun board game having Hawk fly from start to finish:

Blank Game Board.

  1. We used coins for game pieces.
  2. We used two regular dice.


Sorry it’s sideways, but here is our board! I was so proud, and the game was so fun!

Red-Tailed Hawk Game by Carter & Ammon

(7) SpatialColor a Red-tailed Hawk

Hawk in Flight-coloring

(8)Music- Create a short song about Red-Tailed hawks

It took several days to compose the lyrics then execute the song it was a wonderful experience. It is a combination of both Musical & Verbal-linguistic Intelligences.










Fall Water Color (Okay, Mixed Media)


Our Year of Seasonal Watercolor Masterpieces is complete with “Fall Sunset”

Autumn Watercolor Pallet

I do love macaroons, but this is about Pastel Painting! LOL

I do love macaroons, but this is about Pastel Painting! LOL

Painting Needs:

(Suggested beginning doses: more paint for darker color OR add more water to lighten it up)

-Pallet of Fall Pastels (I like the macaroons, but we aren’t baking…painting LOL)

-2 Plastic Cups

-Fall Pastel Squares of Tissue Paper (please see the above pallet)

-Choose Two Fall-Color paints (please see the above pallet). In each cup
4 tsp. Water
2 drops Watercolor

-Strips -2 sizes for (a) tree (b) branches of the tree of Brown construction paper (for however many trees your child wants)

-1 Yellow Oil Pastel crayon (regular crayons are okay, but Oil Pastels work best)

-1 Sheet Watercolor Paper
-1 Paintbrush (keep a 3rd cup of clean water to rinse the brush)


Step 1: Make a yellow sun with your oil pastel up at the top of your paper. When you paint with your watercolors, don’t worry about the oil pastel sun. It will repel the water and look great!

Step 2: place your pastel tissue squares on the paper and paint over your tissue squares. The watercolor will make your squares “bleed” so as to add extra paint colors to your work. Pick up your tissue squares after they have bled.

(Tip: Don’t saturate your watercolor paper)

Step 3: Allow the Painting to Dry for 24 hours

Step 4: Glue your tree and branch strips to the dried watercolor












Letter A Unit Plan

Aa- Unit Plan

A= Autumn


Cool, Simplistic Wheel of Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences

Multiple Intelligence Wheel

Multiple Intelligence Wheel

(Thanks Connections Academy)



I had no idea that when I took a doctoral class of Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences
in 1999 that I would one day be using it to educate my own children. On my way to my doctorate, I completed my Education Specialist Degree that is in Curriculum Design. During their Homeschool Preschool year, I created my own curriculum for Carter and Ammon that I still rely on from time to time even though they have a separate Kindergarten curriculum. I am using Tennessee state standards so be sure that if you are trying to follow standards, consult your own state’s Department of Education website.

The standards I have chosen for Preschool align with Tennessee’s Kindergarten Standards, and I have chosen the core classes of Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, and Language Arts (Reading, Writing, Poetry, etc.). Several letter “A” words from each core is then made focal points to study during the Unit Plan.

The plan for the Multiple Intelligences is the same whereby letter “A” words are woven through the intelligences and focused on during the unit.

Whether for your own homeschooling, student remediation, or student enrichment, please feel free to use my plans for your children or classroom.

Autumn Activities:

Mathematics: TN KCC A.3, KCC B.5, KCC B.4b, KOA A.1, A.2, A.3, A.4, & A.5 KMD A.1 & A.2

Measuring ingredients for Home Made APPLE Pies

Carter creates his Apple Pies

Carter creates his Apple Pies

Ammon creates her Apple PIes

Ammon creates her Apple PIes

Social Studies: TN Seasons K3.02 (c) (Autumn), K 1.01-Physical Attributes, K4.01 (d) Authority, 4.04 (b) Allegiance

Science: TN K Take APART 7.1.3, Biology w/animals 7.3.1 (water, food, & air), Weather- 7.8.1, 7.8.2

-Weather Data -Heat Chart

Language Arts: TN RFK 2.d, RFK 3.b, SLK 1.a, SLK 1.b, SLK 6, LK 1.a, LK 1.f, RLK1, RLK2, RLK3, RLK4, RLK5, RLK9

The Adventures of Abby Alligator By Maria Fleming

Multiple Intelligences

Verbal/Linguistic- reading, writing, Capitals & punctuation, short “a” & long “a”, articulate, analogize,

Logical Mathematical- math (numbers 1-20), addition, analyze, abstract, analogize,

Apple Pies- Recipe (measuring ingredients)

Body Kinesthetic- Acrobatics, activate, assemble,

Spatial- Air art (straws), align,

Apple Jack Necklace (Kellogg's Cereal loved the Tweet)

Apple Jack Necklace (Kellogg’s Cereal loved the Tweet)

Music/Rhythm- accordion

Interpersonal- Relating to Daddy S, Daddy H, & Mamaw, & Nana, associate,

Intrapersonal –Asking how they are experiencing their day with a video journal from iPad, analyze, assess,

Nature- Adopt a tree

Adopt a Tree: October 10, 2013. Our Maple Tree is still quite green and Carter & Ammon can still wear shorts

Adopt a Tree: October 10, 2013. Our Maple Tree is still quite green and Carter & Ammon can still wear shorts

Letter N – Preschool Unit Plan


Unit Plan

N= Neighborhood…thanks, Sesame Street!

Mathematics: TN KCC A.3, KCC B.5, KCC B.4b, KOA A.1 & A.2, KMD A.1 & A.2

Social Studies: TN K 3.01, K 2.01, K 6.01

-North   -Needs    -Neighborhoods

Science: TN K 7.6.1, 7.6.2, 7.7.2, 7.7.3,7.8.1, 7.8.2,

-Weather Data      -Heat Chart   -Night        -Non-living  -Natural 7.7.3

Language Arts: TN RFK 2.d, RFK 3.b, SLK 1.a, SLK 1.b, SLK 6, LK 1.a, LK 1.f, RLK1, RLK2, RLK3, RLK4, RLK5, RLK9

The Nicest Newt  by Heather Feldman

Multiple Intelligences


Verbal/Linguistic- reading, writing, Capitals & punctuation

Logical Mathematical- math (numbers 1-20)

Body Kinesthetic- Practicing being Nimble

Spatial- Draw /Color N & n coloring w/ABC, Venn diagram (Night w/day….Moon & Stars)

Music/Rhythm- “Nonsense Words” -ABCMouse

Interpersonal- Relating to Daddy S, Daddy H, & Mamaw

Intrapersonal –Asking how they are experiencing their day with a video journal from iPad

Nature- geography with North, Night

God-loving Hearts

My Singing Angels

My Singing Angels

Proverbs 22:6
“Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it.”

My greatest and most profound gift from God my Creator has been Carter and Ammon. I know Sean is their father too, but I take their love and knowledge of God and Jesus Christ personally because it’s my responsibility. I cannot help it.

Ammon and Carter each have said several things the past couple of weeks that help me know I’ve begun okay.

Several mornings before St. Patrick’s day, I was in the kitchen getting Carter and Ammon’s breakfast ready with them still in bed. I knew they were stirring, but suddenly I could hear Ammon singing. I walked into their room, sat down on the bed and said, “Good morning, sweet heart! What are you singing?”

With her eyes still shut, she sang, “O be careful little eyes what you see. There’s a Father up above. And He’s looking down in love. So, be careful little eyes what you see.” She had kept her eyes shut so she didn’t see the tears in my eyes as I said, “What a beautiful way to start the day, Ammon. Thank you!” I was ecstatic and grateful that she started the day with God in her heart.

Several weeks ago right after school, Carter, Ammon, and I were out playing in our yard. They had spent time riding their bicycles, and Ammon decided to get off and head to the swing set. In an animated and protective voice, Carter bellows to his sister, “I will help you to ‘play park’ (our swing set) to protect you!”, and he dismounted from his bicycle.

I proclaimed to Carter, “How sweet of you to protect your sister.” Carter said, “That’s why God put me here at this house. To protect Ammon, Daddy H, and Daddy S.” As Carter and his sister headed toward play park, I couldn’t help but wipe away a tear and pray, “Thank you God for my children.”

Okay, folks, enough “misty-eyes” here. LOL Please enjoy our last singings from church. I apologize for the “Red start” to “Christ Arose”. I have no idea what happened.

“Christ Arose”

“Praise Him”

Ammon Moment: Shevelev Meets “Monster High”

"Thumbs up" to Photography

“Thumbs up” to Photography

“In every truly exceptional portrait there is evidence of an intellectual-emotional passage between the photographer and the subject, and often also between the subject and his or her animate and/or inanimate environment.” (Shevelev, 1989)

Cleo, Laguna,Draculora,Clawdeen, Ghoulia, Frankie, & Operetta

Cleo, Laguna,Draculora,Clawdeen, Ghoulia, Frankie, & Operetta

Ammon has become quite the photographer lately. Her “Monster High” girls (all daughters of famous monsters who just so happen to attend high school together) have become her #1 toys since her first Monster High doll for her birthday. She even used her allowance money (scrubbing toilets, making her bed, folding clothes) to buy Cleo, the mummy’s daughter.

She has been using her iPad to take photos, but she can use our Canon 35 mm as well. Since she has traveled since she was born, she’s seen and helped me take photos since she was about 3. She’s doing great.

Here is link to a great Website with a title Teach Your Child to Take Good Pictures

Daddy H’s tips are simple for a preschooler 1)Be ready to help hold the camera to help the preschooler with fine motor skills 2)Be ready to delete (praise the Lord for digital deleting)a LOT of photos, and 3)Praise, praise, praise

Carter Moment

Carter Moment

Journal for the Educated and the Gifted
helps shed some light on early identification of high-ability students, but a Daddy H knows! (hey, 24 years of teaching, Ed. D. in education, being intuitive helps too!)

Exceptional "Ham"!

Exceptional “Ham”!

An exceptional child that can outthink me as a pre-teen or teenager I’m not looking forward to, but my preschool-age exceptional learner son is COOL!

While in Rome, Italy several years ago, a shop owner who fell in love with Carter and Ammon gave us several, small puppet Pinocchios. We’ve used them as Christmas tree ornaments, but one made it to the playroom as a toy. Well, poor Pinocchio has become decapitated, but he is still played with. How you may ask?

After some preschool homeschooling one day this week, I walked into our bonus room/play room, and Carter was walking around with Pinocchio. He asked, “Do you want to see a puppet show?” I said, “Sure!” Carter jumped up on an arm chair and began fiddling with his toe. I was sitting in the floor with his foot almost directly in my face. I questioned, “What are you doing?” In his best and solid, “matter of fact” voice, Carter stated, “It’s a Toe Puppet Show.” He then slipped the loop-threaded decapitated Pinocchio head his big toe and said began a brief puppet show by saying, “Hello, Daddy H! How are you today?” I was amazed!

Decapitated & denosed Pinocchio Toe Puppet

Decapitated & denosed Pinocchio Toe Puppet

Readers especially parents/grandparents (you know you want to brag) and teachers what do you think, and what do you have to share?