Better Hurry to Dollywood! Its sensational 2018 season is ending: 3 Links to Dollywood & its attractions!


I would venture to say that Dollywood’s 2018 Season was a Caylor-Brown favorite. Nothing is ever perfect, but our experiences there were pretty close to perfect.

Enjoy Sean’s , Carter’s & Ammon’s (Ammon’s is a preview for the 2019 Season!) blogs for Dollywood.


My Experience at Miss Lillian’s Buffet at Dollywood (Caylor-Brown favorite place to Eat)



Spring 2019!

Wildwood Grove in Dollywood 2019



(Thanks for the drawings, Dollywood!)


2018 Smoky Mountain Christmas Memories




The Little Drummer Boy: Josh Groban



What a wonderful time of year to consider what we can give back to God! It should be a goal every day of our lives to lift up a prayer and ask, “How can you use me today, God?” However, if you are like me, we get lost in “What am I doing for myself today?”. We are also in trying to do for and please our spouses, children, parents, bosses and co-workers, teachers, and it goes on and on.

Returning to “How can you use me today, God?” I am so glad that this time of year, I am reminded of the Christmas song, “The Little Drummer Boy”. God has given us talents, and we should use them to His glory, “…so to honor Him.”

I absolutely love Josh Groban’s “The Little Drummer Boy”, and I am sharing it with you all. Enjoy!

Christmas Hawk

My 1st Publication. Thank you, Ammon & Carter

My 1st Publication. Thank you, Ammon & Carter

Ladies and Gentlemen Christmas Hawk”

(Available at Amazon & Barnes and Noble)

Who would ever think Santa Claus could ever use raptors (Eagles, Hawks, etc) to help him with his Nice List? Well, Carter, Ammon, and I did, and the result is an awesome tale. It has the potential to be a Christmas Classic, and you all can help it make it one.

Carter and Ammon helped me write “Christmas Hawk” one December afternoon as we watched the Red Tailed Hawk who lives behind our house circle above our heads.

It would also be a blessing you would write a positive review after you read “Hawk”

“Christmas Waltz” 2013

I’ve seen several picturesque frosts on the ground these past few days. Mother Nature and the art that she creates is incredible: the ice crystals on the clover or the feathery, ice designs on the sheets of ice on our pond. The frost was so heavy that there was still frost on the ground in the shaded areas at 10 o’clock that morning.

The frost reminded me of the opening lines of “The Christmas Waltz” song. I never really appreciated the song until one of my favorite singers/actresses, Kristen Chenowith, sang it on her Christmas album from 2009.I appreciate her vocal talents, sense of humor, and Christian spirit.I want to share the song with you all.

We Survived Christmas 2012!

Sean, Carter, Ammon, & Haven at the end of a Great Christmas 2012

Sean, Carter, Ammon, & Haven at the end of a Great Christmas 2012

I got Ammon and Carter up at 7:30 (I’m soooo glad there is sleeping and no peeking during the wee-morning hours during this age) to tell them that Saint Nicholas has been here. I loved reading “Twas the Night Before Christmas” on Christmas Eve, and Carter and Ammon were anxious for Santa.

They had a good and blessed morning with their Santa toys. Their biggest gift and challenge is their bicycles.

Santa was good to Carter!

Santa was good to Carter!

Santa was good to Ammon!

Santa was good to Ammon!

Ammon and Carter’s Nana has the Jesus Christ’s spirit of GIVING during Christmas, and she spares no expense on her grandchildren. They are very blessed (in a familial way & material way …LOL…) to have their Nana.

Carter's Nana Claus haul!

Carter’s Nana Claus haul!

Ammon's Nana Claus haul!

Ammon’s Nana Claus haul!

I hope and pray that you and yours enjoyed Christmas 2012. Starting and ending the day with my family and with Jesus the Christ child in my heart was my favorite and most important part.