Better Hurry to Dollywood! Its sensational 2018 season is ending: 3 Links to Dollywood & its attractions!


I would venture to say that Dollywood’s 2018 Season was a Caylor-Brown favorite. Nothing is ever perfect, but our experiences there were pretty close to perfect.

Enjoy Sean’s , Carter’s & Ammon’s (Ammon’s is a preview for the 2019 Season!) blogs for Dollywood.


My Experience at Miss Lillian’s Buffet at Dollywood (Caylor-Brown favorite place to Eat)



Spring 2019!

Wildwood Grove in Dollywood 2019



(Thanks for the drawings, Dollywood!)


2018 Smoky Mountain Christmas Memories




5 Seconds of Summer (yes this title is from the Pop music group)

I wish I would have saved the date from this past spring, but one day as Sean, Carter, Ammon, and I traveled home from church the song “Want you Back” by the pop group 5 Seconds of Summer was playing on the car radio ( I REALLY like “Want you Back” ) . Ammon loves pop music, and she has practically a photographic memory of recording artists and what they sing.

I was driving and concentrating on the winding, country road that leads to our house, when Ammon asks Sean,

“So what does ‘5 Seconds of Summer’ mean, do you think?” It only took a few seconds for Sean to say, “Well, think about it like this…. What does the school year seem like when it comes to time during a year? “

Ammon: How long is a school year again?

Sean: 9 months… 36 weeks.

Ammon: How long for summer break?

Sean: Right at 10 weeks.

Ammon: The school years seems SO LONG

Sean: Does the summer seem to fly by?

Ammon: Yes!

Sean: I think that is the answer: the summer flies by, and this group randomly chose 5 seconds to show how quick it is.

We were practically to our driveway, and I said out loud, “Yep, I agree!”

How true, “5 seconds of summer!”


Haven’s Summer 2018 Time line:

May 25 = Dalton High has graduation

June 1 = Post Planning ends & my “summer” officially begins

June 6 = 1 Day Dollywood

June 20-22 = Gatlinburg, Dollywood


July 8 – July 20 = Disney World, Daytona, Florida, & Savannah

















July 31 – Last Day of Haven’s Summer break


Our 2 week vacation really took a big chunk of summer vacation, but I want to add that I had 4 doctor’s appointments which took a lot of time as well. Out of the 4 appointments, I had an infamous colonoscopy which was a SUMMER DREAD & if you’ve had a colonoscopy , you know the process is 2 days and not just one because of the prep before the procedure. Other appointments were 1)dentist 2)prostate/urologist 3)dermatologist (another squamous scare that was just an inflamed scar) & 4) 6 month check up for when I changed internists last January and he wanted to check if my blood pressure was normal after 6 months of medication.

A blink lasts a little less than 1 second. So, from June 1, 2018 to July 31, 2018 I “blinked 5 times”, and my summer was over = “5 Seconds of Summer”

Now, for the blessings: I have good health, a good mind, and I have a job which I truly enjoy that begins again tomorrow. I am so blessed to be able to work and support my family. God is great, and “to every thing there is a season” . My blessed summer season is over. It’s time to move on to the next season of blessings…. Mmmmm perhaps, “30 seconds of a school year” for a new music group title?


Summer Vacations 2014

Disneyland, California July 12, 2014

Disneyland, California July 12, 2014

We had some excellent summer vacations in 2014!

For Memorial Day and Independence Day, we spent several days up in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee at Dollywood. If you live in East Tennessee and you love amusement parks, it would be wise to buy a season pass to Dollywood. After your second visit on a season pass, you have paid for your season ticket. The rides are thrilling and adventuresome, and the songs, shows, and crafts that permeate the park are sooooo Dolly Parton. I’ve been a fan of hers since I was 10 years old.

Carter & Ammon May 22, 2014

Carter & Ammon May 22, 2014

June 6-15 we were in our “adopted city” of New York, Manhattan. We stayed at the Doubletree, went to shows, saw the Statue of Liberty, met up with an old friend, Patsy Claiborne Webb for a day, and went to Coney Island. We also saw a dear friend and tour guide, Marion, at the American Museum of Natural History. She gave us a private tour of the museum before it opened one Tuesday morning. Regarding the shows, all four of us, Ammon, Carter, Sean, and I, agree that “Kinky Boots” was our favorite show. It was Sean and my 2nd time to see it the first being December of 2013.


Chalk Drawing from Central Park NYC Father's Day (June 15, 2014)

Chalk Drawing from Central Park NYC Father’s Day (June 15, 2014)

July 11-21 we were in Anaheim, California. We stayed at the Disneyland Hotel. We spent 5 days going back and forth from Disneyland to the Disney California Adventure Park. On Monday we spent all day at Universal Studios. On Friday July 18, we drove down to the San Diego Wild Animal Park. Other adventures were to Venice Beach where Ammon and Carter placed their feet in the Pacific Ocean for the 1st time, and to the Santa Monica Pier where the famous Route 66 ends. We rode its roller coaster.

Universal Studios at the new Menion Mayhem: July 14

Universal Studios at the new Menion Mayhem: July 14

Santa Monica Pier July 16.

Santa Monica Pier July 16.

Back Scenes Tour San Diego Wild Nature Park: Tiger's House July 18.

Back Scenes Tour San Diego Wild Nature Park: Tiger’s House July 18.

Venice Beach July 20

Venice Beach July 20

Space Mountain Disneyland

Space Mountain Disneyland