Keeping up with Facebook

I don’t spend too much time on Facebook, but I do like it. One of the main reasons I like it is because of its instant news, and you don’t have to be watching television to get it. Of course, there isn’t audio, but you can get up-to-date news from family and friends. Case in point…just this morning a friend in Murfreesboro, Tennessee sent a facebook message from her closet where she was trying to shelter herself from a tornado. I began to pray for her and the people of Middle Tennessee immediately. Another good friend of ours had a motorcycle wreck a few days ago. He and his friends kept us up to date on his condition, and we were very grateful.  Casie, keep those weather updates coming, and Gavin, keep resting.

We love the fun stuff even better: birthday pictures, vacation pictures, holiday pictures, or just every day neat stuff of life are posted, and we can enjoy with everyone all around the world! I am not advertising for Facebook, but if you’re not on it, give it a try. It’s pretty cool stuff.