Weather Tragedies

Simple regrets to our neighbors and the people in our area cannot do justice for the tragedies that have occurred, but for me and my world/area, I am asking you all to please pray for Southeast Tennessee  and Northern Georgia and its recovery from the Wednesday April 27 bad weather devastations. The town of Apison is obliterated with quite a few fatalities, and it’s just 5 miles up the road from our “untouched, blessed” house. Bradley County saw numerous fatalities as well. Parts of Ringgold, Georgia near Interstate 75 were demolished and also suffered fatalities.  May our prayers and deeds towards our neighbors let them know God’s presence and love, and may the Holy Spirit comfort the hearts and souls of  those whose who are bereaved from the loss of homes and especially loved ones.

4 thoughts on “Weather Tragedies

  1. My prayers go out to those who suffer the most. I am secure and unscathed; the tornado passed about 1/8 a mile behind my house. The roar was tremendous and not a limb in my yard. I have been out helping as much as possible, but it seems like no dent is made in the piles of rubble the storm left behind. It us a sad time in these communities and in the lives of so many. I continue to lift my voice in prayer.

  2. Part of the roof of our barn is gone, but other than that our stuff is all right. One of my relative’s house is gone. The street next to our’s got hit really bad. Were the babies scared of the storm?

    • Well, praise the Lord you all are all right. Prayers to your relatives and neighbors. The babies were okay. Carter only got a little scared/quiet when it got really dark. Other than that, they were little troopers and didn’t cause any trouble. Thank you for asking, Hannah. Love to all your family.

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