No electricity = Better Family Time!

The bad weather that took away our electricity for 24 hours had some bright points for our household. We did not depend on the television for our entertainment. Last summer we were out late at night catching lightening bugs (fireflies for some of you) and playing in the yard, but I did not realize until last Thursday night that the end of April had such long days as well. Because there was no electricity in the house, we played outside until 9:00 that night. It was beautiful, and the babies had a ball! It was also cool reading to the babies by candlelight as well as having bedtime prayers by candlelight.

I also spoke to several other families on Friday who spent more time together  during the storms and afterwards during the power outages, and you know what? They had great “family time”. Now, I am not saying to flip the switch once a month on your house’s power box so you can spend some quality with your family (LOL), but let’s all try to turn off the television sets, computers, computer games, and cell phones more frequently and share some time with our family and friends.

2 thoughts on “No electricity = Better Family Time!

  1. My mom and I went in the bathroom during the storm, since it doesn’t have any windows. We spread out sleeping bags and sat there with a flashlight and talked while listening to the weather on the radio. We thought it was fun.

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