No Fear


I cannot believe the courage Carter and Ammon have! They can
be apprehensive and cautious, and I really like that; however, they can be such
dare-devils! We went to Julie, Caden, and Kobe Stoke’s house on Saturday
evening to swim, and they have pool slide that when you climb to the top, it is
about 7 feet tall. Neither Carter nor Ammon “blinked an eye” when they slid
down into the pool where Sean was waiting! When Carter came up out of the water
he yelled, “Do it again!”, so he did over and over. Ammon did it as well. I am
so glad they are not afraid of the water, and I’m glad they are braver than I
was a child. Have a great Sunday everyone!

2 thoughts on “No Fear

  1. I am so proud of them, I am not surprised about Carter, but Ammom kind of shocks me, I am so proud of them both, glad yal had a great time, much love,
    Aunt Kawen

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