Daddy H Job/Chores

My house isn’t a show place, and I doubt it ever will be.
There are 2 adults, 2 almost three year olds, 5 indoor, declawed cats, and 2
dachshunds living in it. It’s our home. However, in the past three years, I’ve
learned that our living space HAS TO BE STRAIGHTENED, and the kitchen HAS TO BE
CLEAN. The surprising thing is that I thoroughly enjoying cleaning, but it’s
finding the time to do it. I am very glad Carter and Ammon can do some small
chores, but, of course, they cannot keep focused on the tasks. I am also very
thankful that Carter and Ammon can go to Mamaw’s house for a visit while I
clean or grade my university students’ work from online. I have 24 students
this semester.

At 9:00 A. M. on Wednesday morning, I was enthralled to
begin cleaning. It was like being shot out of a cannon. What had happened
between dropping off Carter and Ammon at Mamaw’s house at 1:00 P. M. on
Tuesday and 3:00 Wednesday afternoon when they returned???? (This will be more than items in a series! LOL………heeeeeeeeeere we go!)

I came home and started downloading 24 assignments from the
UTC Blackboard (online teaching base) and began laundry. Next, I went into
Ooltewah for a few groceries to make dinner. I then returned home to start dinner.
I started grading the 14 undergraduate assignment (one the average about  4 pages per assignment). Next, I finished
preparing dinner. After eating, I washed the dinner plates and pans. Following dinner
Sean and I jogged our 50 minutes. While doing some other chores in the kitchen,
I was able to watch Glee and enjoy an
evening cup of decaf coffee. After Glee, I began to grade the 10 assignments
from graduate students (They have 5-6 pages to grade). I then wrote each grad
student a note regarding the positives and things to improve on. I went to bed
around 10:45 but listened to cats run back and forth through the house playing,
hissing at each other, eating, and using the litter box for about an hour.

At 6:15 Tuesday morning I began writing notes to the
undergraduate students, and then I emailed all 24 students. So, back to 9:00
Tuesday morning. I was enthralled to do chores: sweep, mop, wash and dry
clothes, make the beds, scrub toilets, and feed dogs. I made appointments for
Sean’s car and the carpenter to come and measure for new handles for the
kitchen cabinets, shaved, showered, went to Sam’s Wholesale for Carter and
Ammon who are in charge of snacks for the next two weeks at preschool, went to
Collegedale for some Little Debbie Apple pies (Carter has to provide an “A”
snack …Ammon has “B”,and she will provide Blueberry and Banana muffins), picked
up some “m” objects at the Dollar Tree for Ammon and Carters’ “M” bags at
preschool, picked up some chicken for Sean’s lunch tomorrow, and then I
returned home to start Tuesday’s dinner. Carter and Ammon came home at 3:00,
and I began my Daddy H responsibilities anew. I’ll say it again, and you
may not believe me. I thoroughly enjoy chores. I’m so grateful God gave me
Carter, Ammon, my health and my home. Thank you, God. I am truly busy and

2 thoughts on “Daddy H Job/Chores

  1. Whew you wore me out just reading it. I remember the hectic days when Adam was little but it brings back very fond memories as well.

    Love Debbie

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