Carter Moment

Carter Moment

Journal for the Educated and the Gifted
helps shed some light on early identification of high-ability students, but a Daddy H knows! (hey, 24 years of teaching, Ed. D. in education, being intuitive helps too!)

Exceptional "Ham"!

Exceptional “Ham”!

An exceptional child that can outthink me as a pre-teen or teenager I’m not looking forward to, but my preschool-age exceptional learner son is COOL!

While in Rome, Italy several years ago, a shop owner who fell in love with Carter and Ammon gave us several, small puppet Pinocchios. We’ve used them as Christmas tree ornaments, but one made it to the playroom as a toy. Well, poor Pinocchio has become decapitated, but he is still played with. How you may ask?

After some preschool homeschooling one day this week, I walked into our bonus room/play room, and Carter was walking around with Pinocchio. He asked, “Do you want to see a puppet show?” I said, “Sure!” Carter jumped up on an arm chair and began fiddling with his toe. I was sitting in the floor with his foot almost directly in my face. I questioned, “What are you doing?” In his best and solid, “matter of fact” voice, Carter stated, “It’s a Toe Puppet Show.” He then slipped the loop-threaded decapitated Pinocchio head his big toe and said began a brief puppet show by saying, “Hello, Daddy H! How are you today?” I was amazed!

Decapitated & denosed Pinocchio Toe Puppet

Decapitated & denosed Pinocchio Toe Puppet

Readers especially parents/grandparents (you know you want to brag) and teachers what do you think, and what do you have to share?

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