Ammon Moment: Shevelev Meets “Monster High”

"Thumbs up" to Photography

“Thumbs up” to Photography

“In every truly exceptional portrait there is evidence of an intellectual-emotional passage between the photographer and the subject, and often also between the subject and his or her animate and/or inanimate environment.” (Shevelev, 1989)

Cleo, Laguna,Draculora,Clawdeen, Ghoulia, Frankie, & Operetta

Cleo, Laguna,Draculora,Clawdeen, Ghoulia, Frankie, & Operetta

Ammon has become quite the photographer lately. Her “Monster High” girls (all daughters of famous monsters who just so happen to attend high school together) have become her #1 toys since her first Monster High doll for her birthday. She even used her allowance money (scrubbing toilets, making her bed, folding clothes) to buy Cleo, the mummy’s daughter.

She has been using her iPad to take photos, but she can use our Canon 35 mm as well. Since she has traveled since she was born, she’s seen and helped me take photos since she was about 3. She’s doing great.

Here is link to a great Website with a title Teach Your Child to Take Good Pictures

Daddy H’s tips are simple for a preschooler 1)Be ready to help hold the camera to help the preschooler with fine motor skills 2)Be ready to delete (praise the Lord for digital deleting)a LOT of photos, and 3)Praise, praise, praise

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