Peggy, Janie, Kelly, & God…thank you all!


Friends & Family

There was a chain reaction that started with Peggy Lamb (Carter and Ammon’s aunt) helped me get in contact with a local author, Janie Dempsey Watts (You need to read her Moon Over Taylor’s Ridge Moon over Taylor’s Ridge ). Janie gave me the suggestion to head to Barnes & Noble to speak with the manager Kelly Flemmings. I have been so blessed that these wonderful people have helped me to write. I now have 2 books! It took 2 years, but I did it.


My parenting/travel/memoir is Parenting Strategies on the Go , and I had a great “kick off” book signing at Barnes and Noble in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

My other book is Christmas Hawk


8 thoughts on “Peggy, Janie, Kelly, & God…thank you all!

  1. That is so exciting! I look forward to reading it, as I am certain you will get published. A former Kindermusik mom of mine, Gretchen Archer, just had her first book released by Henery Press, “Double Whammy”. My sister has told me about “Moon Over Taylor’s Ridge”. I will have to read it this summer.

  2. Hi Haven I hope everything is well with you and your wonderful family !! I’m looking foward to read the precocious book I can’t wait … And I’m pretty sure the book it will be amazing 📖

    • Auris!!! Please forgive me for not writing sooner. It’s not a good excuse but the summer although spectacular and enjoyable as it is brings so many hours of extra work especially in the yard. We try to keep 13 acres mowed and taken care of. There is also no preschool for Ammon & Carter, so they are literally with me 24/7, so cleaning and cooking is almost 24/7 as well.

      I do plan to blog about you and Jennie (our friend from the DoubleTree…there at Broadway and 47th). I cannot tell you how blessed I am to have you as a friend. Your kindness is such a gift from God. Ammon and Carter loved meeting and chatting with you, and they have watched our video several times.

      How are your classes? Like I told you, your English (both speaking and writing) has IMPROVED so much since December of 2012! It’s amazing…..keep up the good work.

      Okay, “abrazos y besitos” …write again soon. Haven

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