4 thoughts on “2015 Thanksgiving Posters

  1. Mr. Caylor, I can’t tell you how nice it was to see you the other day at the Barnes & Noble in Chattanooga. I know you have had countless students in your long career in education, but the fact that you remembered me meant a lot to me. Seeing you was a nostalgic feeling for me and because of it I feel compelled to say this, thank you. When you are young, for the majority of kids, we do not show the gratitude or appreciation for our teachers that we should. For some of us, may have told on myself, maturity comes to us later than we would like. We do not always see or comprehend the important and stressful job you as our educators have. As an adult, we are able to see that when you appear hard it is because you care and are trying to unlock our inner potential that is in each and every student. You were my middle school Spanish teacher, and I know that children, especially middle school students, can be very difficult and I am sure trying, but you guys never give up on us and that, for lack of better words, is true love. A love for students and all people.
    In closing Mr. Caylor, or perhaps I can call you Haven, i just want to say thank you. A thankyou not just from me, but a thank you from all people who wish they could tell important people from their past what that person’s hard work means to them and how their hard work shaped them to become better and wiser people because of it. Thank you for just being you.

    your student and friend
    Adam Disinger

    P.S. I would have emailed you, however, I was unable to find one and so this is the only way I could find to contact you lol

  2. Adam, it was so AWESOME and nostalgic for me as well! The electricity in my brain clicked, and I suddenly saw you with Cassie Cumming’s (that was her last name, right?) and that crew. Thank you for coming by!!! Yes, please write to me at btcrazy66@yahoo.com and please call me Haven. Take care and have a blessed Christmas Season.

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